Aug 11, 2022 • 1M

Presenting: While You Create

A podcast shaping convos re: creativity

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Cool Girls Co
Listen to interviews from creators, new music from artists, and stories to inspire you...while you create! Hosted by Ruth Isabel Guerra, founder of Cool Girls Collective.
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Listen to our first episode, dropping in August 2022!

WHILE YOU CREATE is an audio show shaping convos re: creativity. Hosted by Ruth Isabel Guerra, founder of Cool Girls Collective. Check us out online at and on Instagram @coolgirlscollective. Music by Alexey Anisimov - So Much Fun (Copyright Free Music) from

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Ruth: Hello. Hi. How's it going? Welcome to While You Create, a podcast to listen to while you make your next masterpiece. I'm your host Ruth and I'll be taking a deep dive on stories about creativity that might surprise you. Delight you. And in the end, hopefully inspire you. We'll also be playing new tunes from independent artists and doing some meditation and mindfulness sessions. Because you know what, every creative mind needs to clear their heads sometimes. So join us for While You Create, an audio show brought to you by Cool Girls Collective. You can catch us on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts. See you there. Bye!